The Manson Murders 449

The Manson murders started august 8th, 1969. He spent the previous few months trying to desensitize them to death, so they’d be more willing to kill or commit suicide if ordered to. The first murder was Gary Hinman. He was stabbed, tortured, and had his ears cut off. One of the members, Bobby Beausoleil, was selling drugs he bought off of Gary. The buyers thought they were bad and demanded retribution. 2 girls from the Manson family drove over to Hinman’s house with bobby. Manson showed up wit ha samurai sword and convinced bobby to kill Hinman as a sign of devotion and masculinity. He did it out of fear.

The second set of murders happened when 3 members went to the former home of Terry Melcher, the producer who rejected Manson. But Melcher doesn’t live there anymore. At this point in time, Sharon Tate and roman Polanski lived there. Polanski was on a work trip in Europe, and Tate was home with some friends. She was also 8 1/2 months pregnant. The members killed everybody in the house, leaving messages written in blood, hoping it would ignite Helter Skelter by convincing the police it was the black panthers’ doing.

The third set of murders were the LaBianca’s, because they were rich. They arrived with Manson, and he directed his followers to tie up the owners, and assured the victims that he WASN’T going to hurt them. His followers killed them, and left more messages in blood.

The police showed up to his compound shortly after the murders to arrest him for a string of carjacks to which he was connected. When he heard what he was being arrested for, he laughed. They had no idea that he was connected to the murders, at first. Eventually they figured it out and he was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life with the possibility of parole since California did away with the death penalty in 1972. He died at 83 in 2017.

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