Jehovahs Witnesses cartoon: Spread beliefs to everybody (or else) 376

Caleb and Sophia, a Jehovahs Witness childrens cartoon, was created years ago by ex-governing body member Tony Morris. This famously propagandistic TV show claims to provide “good life lessons” for everybody, but when you dig beneath the surface, the propaganda strategies become clear. In this episode, I cover lesson 1, obey your parents, and lesson 3, pray anytime. Lesson 1 starts out innocuously, as a life lesson about cleaning up after yourself and doing what your parents tell you. Before long, it turns overtly religious. It doesn’t just encourage a religious attitude, though. It encourages children to be jehovahs witness specifically. Lesson 3 encourages children to take opportunities to pray when they’re around other kids at school; make a spectacle of themselves to raise the subject with others.

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