Young Earth Creationists Of 90s TV Whined A LOT | Evolution Invasion | Part 3 39

Pagan Invasion is a show from the 90s which had the goal of convincing the world that Pagans were taking over the world. They had different themes for each episode and interviewed “ex-pagans” who made most of their stories up in an effort to terrify the gullible 90s masses. It’s very funny to watch now with all of our future knowledge, but a lot of people genuinely believed this all to be the absolute truth. In this episode they focus on the dangers of evolution. This is part 3 of the episode and they’ve basically just devolved into whining at this point. Creationism shouldn’t be taught in schools no matter how many tears you shed in favor of it. It’s exactly as valid as every other creation myth and we can’t teach all of those.

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