Bill Maher Is Spreading Anti-Trans Fear Now 459

Bill Maher used to be one of my favorite TV personalities. I watched his show all the time. I agreed with most of what he said, and while he’s always had a couple positions I didn’t agree with, I’m fine with supporting someone who doesn’t agree with me on everything. Sadly he’s crossed the line for me personally of what I’m willing to support.

In case you don’t know who Bill Maher is I’ll give you an idea of what he’s done over the past several years. He has always been a bastion of left-wing liberal ideals and atheists and free thinkers. His documentary on religion was decent in a time when religious criticism was not main stream. He spoke up for marginalized groups and spoke out against prominent right wing figures and violations of separation of church and state.

Fast forward to today and Bill Maher has fallen into the right wing kool aid. He’s championing trans-panic. Arguments that boil down to think of the children, and they’re all just too sensitive. I don’t know how he can possibly not see these are the same arguments he fought against in the early 2000s. Back then they were just being said about gay people. “Oh I can’t even say the f slur in my joke about weak men anymore?! Snowflakes are ruining comedy!” “We can’t approve of this lifestyle! Think of how if will harm the children!”

No Bill. The “transgenders” are not ruining comedy. We’re allowed to think it isn’t really that funny when a comedian says “I’m not joking anymore. I’m a TERF. I don’t want these people involved in my activism.” And you know as well as I do no one is coming after the children. Trans people don’t want to force anyone to be a gender they aren’t. Which is what pushing cis kids to be trans would do. YOUR SIDE wants to do that. And our side doesn’t shut down debate. The public figures among us spend most of our time debating and defending our very existence.

Credit where credit is due, Bill says trans people should be treated with respect and dignity and allowed to live in whatever way they want. The problem is when he’s spreading this right-wing fear mongering propaganda he’s not treating trans people with respect or dignity. It’s encouraging fear and distrust and promoting legislation politicians claim is there to “keep the trans people from going too far,” or “protecting the children.”

The children don’t need protection from us Bill. Why don’t you focus on the real threats to free speech going on right now like the Florida book ban? Don’t worry about us silly little snowflakes crying on the internet because our fee fees got hurt. We aren’t the ones passing legislation. We aren’t the ones restricting freedom. And we aren’t the ones shutting down debate. I’ll happily talk it out anytime you want. I’ll bring the studies. I’ll show you why I think you’ve been tricked. I won’t yell at you and tell you you’re a monster. I have the facts on my side. You have the feelings.

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