Greg Locke’s Son Is Taking Up Preaching 337

This is Hudson Taylor. I assume his last name is Locke but I don’t actually know that for sure. I do know Greg Locke is his father and seemingly raised him to be a little daddy clone. In this video we check out some clips from Hunter’s recent sermon and it was… well it was certainly a person saying a collection of words in a church setting.

Hunter spent a lot of time telling everyone he wasn’t “trying to make friends,” which is a favorite line of Greg Locke as well. It’s important to let your congregation know you’re an edgy pastor who tells it like it is. Don’t just show them and leave it unstated. Explicitly state it. Because then when you wildly misquote the bible they’ll be less likely to call you out. After all you did say you were preaching the word of god and anyone who didn’t like it was just a filthy sinner who couldn’t handle the truth.

Hudson also goes into the specifics of his particular brand of Christianity that I call Witches For Jesus. Why would I call it that? Because they spend a weird amount of time fixated on witches and telling people witches are infiltrating everything. Don’t worry though! Hudson has supernatural powers too! Yes he actually used the word supernatural. Where witches get all of their (totally real) powers from Satan however, Hudson and Greg get their powers from GOD. Which obviously means they are better. Thus “Witches For Jesus” was born.

Hudson detalis one encounter with a demon where the demon was literally writhing across the floor. That story tells me the kid either is just as much of a grifter as his dad or he has some severe untreated mental issues that cause visual hallucinations and have taken on a religious theme because of his personal background. Both are possible. One seems far more likely. Either way my question is: why don’t we have anything like this on camera ever?

Overall, from this sermon, Hudson seems to be a little Locke clone. Pushin out daddy’s message to the masses and using blatant emotional manipulation to force them to swallow any protests. I’d rate the sermon meh on the classic scale. He doesn’t seem to follow any kind of outline but he skips over any rabbit hole that could actually be interesting in favor of rambling off into barely connected topics.

It’s really sad to see such a young guy in this position. He obviously can’t leave without giving up his family. Greg would never stand for that. But I can hope he finds the knowledge and courage to get out someday. Or at the very least he doesn’t keep peddling this snake oil for another generation. I won’t be holding my breath on that though.

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