“Witches Have Infiltrated Our Schools!” – Greg Locke 680

Pastor Greg Locke attends an interview with right wing figure and ex-governor candidate Kandiss Taylor, and it gets strange. The conversation veers toward witchcraft. Greg Locke talks about witches infiltrating his church. This isn’t a new belief. He’s felt this way for decades. I also discuss Kat Williams’s take on atheists and evolution.

Greg Locke’s most baffling argument is about how witches are actually infiltrating our schools. He explains to Kandiss Taylor how more and more teachers are straight up witches these days. Her response? To agree of course! And to ask Greg what we should do about this terrible epidemic.

The crazy doesn’t stop there however, Greg goes on to explain how he is also a witch…. FOR JESUS! He has all of the supernatural, extremely useful, and totally real powers that a witch has, but his are better because God gave them to him. He can out magic any witch.

Sadly we also hear from Greg’s son, Hudson Taylor. He also believes he has actual supernatural powers. He seems to be following in dear old dad’s footsteps. He even mentions how he isn’t “preaching to make friends but to spread the word of God,” multiple times. That’s a favorite line of Greg’s. Even though I strongly suspect neither of them have read the whole bible.

They’re both constantly making claims that the bible just does not support. Like, for example, all of the witch-ey woo powers stuff. They got that idea from a section of the bible that was written decades after the original text. Maybe they just don’t realize that, I hear you saying. Well that would be nearly impossible since almost all bibles include an explanation above those verses (if they’re included at all) saying that exact thing. We all know those verses were written years later because the conclusion of the book of Mark didn’t feel exciting enough.

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