Bonus Bucket Backlash Baffles Bakker 454

I like alliteration. Sue me. Seriously though Jim Bakker is super confused as to why people are making fun of him for selling these… “food” buckets. He googled himself, because of course he did, and found a bunch of social media posts laughing at him. Well I try to help Jim out by showing a wonderful compilation of him shilling these buckets over the years. It is hilarious.

Bakker tries to prey on the fears of his particular brand of Christian. They think they will be around for a 7 year apocalypse leading up to the rapture. What does one need during an apocalypse? Barely edible slop apparently. He says you can replace all of your furniture with buckets. You can used them as a toilet. You can trade them for a car? I guess Jim is already living in the fantasy world he made up if he thinks that is a possibility.

It is really funny to watch him do this but it’s also sad. He is taking advantage of mostly elderly people who are scared for their kids. There are genuine steps you can take to prepare yourself for a disaster, but buying this garbage is not one of those steps. If you need more evidence this is all a scam, he’s also selling a $1000 blanket. You must be thinking “oh the blanket is filled with super rare phoenix feather down and that’s why it costs so much.” Nope. It’s barely a throw blanket. Jim does say if you buy it and then put your bills in it they’ll go away, so I guess the blanket is supposed to have some kind of magical properties. I wonder if this is going to end up being his newest lawsuit…

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