Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Hamburg Attack 483

Jehovah’s Witnesses are being investigated in Pennsylvania. Several members of their congregation were also tragically hurt recently in Germany. Details are still coming out in both stories, but we think the German incident was done by an ex-jw. The church is of course leaning on this event to prove their persecution complex instead of showing genuine care for the families left of those members.

It is truly disgusting and evil what was done there. It helped no one. It hurt countless people in ways we can’t even know. It will likely drive many into the arms of the religion. Violence is never the answer. It is never acceptable. It will never make anything better. I discuss my thoughts on this event more deeply in the video.

Chat and I also discuss losing people close to us and how to live with that grief. Especially when we can’t be there with them at the end, or they weren’t good to us when they were here. It’s a difficult and complex subject, but I hope our community can help to support those around us going through these things. It can be harder to lose people when you aren’t convinced of an afterlife where you’ll see them again one day. I think that makes it even more important to keep their memory alive and cherished in our actions every day we continue on without them.

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