Kenneth Copeland Is STILL Sucking People Dry 338

Kenneth Copeland has been a widely disliked prosperity gospel televangelist for decades. He’s been in trouble for multiple scams and still keeps coming back. Why? Because he is obsessed with money. He’ll do anything to get it. Even if it’s the last 50 cents in someone’s pocket (his words) he feels it should be put into his pocket instead.

There are few scams out there as truly sickening as prosperity gospel. It states that you should give your money to God, who isn’t available directly but Kenneth will pass it on he promises, and God will give that money back to you and then some. Maybe you’re thinking “well that’s very easy to debunk. Do it once and find out it didn’t work and bam.” Kenneth has the answer to that. If it didn’t work that is your fault. God gives the money back to you in direct proportion to how much you’ve dedicated your heart to god. If you got nothing back… well you just don’t love god much do you?

It has social shame built right into it. If all of your friends believe in this,you can’t tell them you got nothing back. That’s just admitting you don’t REALLY love god. You just need to straighten yourself out and try again before anyone notices you didn’t get the money. Sure you thought you loved god but you do have those unavoidable human emotions don’t you? Maybe you thought something too lustful. Either way you are the bad guy and Kenneth is an angel. After all, god provided him with so much because god loves him.

It is truly heart breaking and sickening. This man preys on the desperate, the old, the sick and he literally encourages them to give him their grocery money. It’s awful no one has been able to stop this pathetic excuse for a human after all these years of ruining lives. Today I’m going to show him for what he really is and maybe it will reach someone before they lose everything.

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