Senator Angry That Article Quoted Him CORRECTLY?! 390

This is Senator Jason Rapert. Don’t worry, I can’t get over his name either. He was recently written about in an article by The Rolling Stone. They said he was a major contributor to Christian Nationalism in the United States. Now Rapert was really upset by this characterization. He prefers to call himself a Christian Nationalist. Which leads me to think maybe he didn’t actually read the article he’s angry about.

This isn’t the first time he’s been in hot water. A suit was brought against him by the ACLU, The Satanic Temple, American Atheists, and others for violating the rights of his non-christian constituents. You know you’ve messed up badly when that group of organizations is coming after you.

There is some good news about Jason Rapert. He lost the election for Lieutenant Governor, but he’s a long way from being silent. He’s still pushing back against attempts to stop women’s rights from being stripped in Arkansas and everywhere in the US. We need to be watching this guy and listening to what he has to say. People like him should not be allowed to stay in our government. He makes it perfectly clear he does not stand for every citizen in this country, only the ones who think exactly like he does.

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