Elephants Are Not Birds | Reading Kids Propaganda 343

Elephants Are Not Birds is the title of this CHILDREN’S book. You can guess what the content of this story is. Poorly disguised, even more poorly researched, anti-trans fear mongering propaganda aimed specifically at children.

An elephant is convinced by Culture The Vulture that he’s really a bird. Culture says it’s only your feelings that matter. So the elephant tapes on some wings and a beak and pretends he’s a bird. This unfortunately doesn’t go very well.

Why is this comparison trash? Well men and women aren’t different species first of all. We do not have inherent positions in society like this book claims. Men are not required to only pull carts, women are not required to only sing. Gender is something we made up. Other animals do not have genders, they have sexes. They do not have the brain power to perform gender in the way we do. There is no comparison to draw.

Honestly though, even if there was a good comparison in nature the right has a history of ignoring those. We have documented homosexual pairings in nearly every mammalian species and several non-mammals. One pastor famously said of two gay lions “They learned it from watching the tourists.” Which of course begs the question- how brave were those tourists?

This book is awful. It’s only goal is to teach children to other those they don’t understand, to keep inside any feelings of being different, and to stay in their lanes. Trans people are not just playing dress up. No matter what their outside looks like, their gender is what it is and no outside force can change that or take it away.

I hope these same writers try to write a book on grammar for children next. I bet it would be hilarious. If you know, you know.

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