Pastor Says Biden Is A Clone (Or A Demon Of Course) 386

Pastor Hank Kunneman share some very strange hypotheses about Joe Biden in this video. He also goes on a rant about how he totally met Jesus and you won’t believe this- he’s NOT white! No one could figure that out without a face to face.

As for Biden, Hank says he’s obviously a clone. Or a demon. Could go either way these things. His evidence? Well he says Biden’s eye color has changed? I guess the eye color gene got messed up in the cloning process. Look it’s just impressive they were able to clone him at all in 1942. The technology had to be really basic at that time since no successful cloning had ever happened. It’s weird they cloned a random baby with no special features though.

This must be what Hank thinks happened. Because surely he knows that clones age at the same rate as the thing they’re cloned from. Because they have identical DNA to the thing they’re cloned from. Well I guess identical with minor eye color issues, but still. Hank must realize this. He can’t possibly think cloning happens in real life like it does in the movies. Just kidding. He absolutely thinks that. At least he’s entertaining.

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