1982 Interview With A Grand Wizard – It’s WILD!! 937

1982 Interview With A Grand Wizard – It’s WILD!!

Bill Wilkinson was a Grand Wizard in 1982, and he joined Tom Braden on CNN’s “Crossfire” to discuss the white-masked group. As you’ll see, Tom was not impressed by Bill and his gang. They will weave between hot-button subjects like gender, patriotism, drag, and racism. Meanwhile, Bill tries to spin segregation into a viable solution for all, but especially for the children…he fails, obviously.

Discover the answer to some of your burning questions about the klan and even answers to questions you didn’t have and probably never would have. You’re welcome.

Hear the many similarities between the intentions of the klan then and the “talking points” of the Republican party of today. It’s too close for comfort.

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