Pastor Recycles “Blame The Gays” Rhetoric 390

Jason Rapert is a former Senator from Arkansas. He believes strongly in the super outdated view that when bad things happen you can always blame the gays. It’s really sad to see this kind of rhetoric continuing to be spouted by politicians in 2023, but sadly not all that surprising with the swing into conspiracy land Republicans have been taking since the election of Trump.

The most current crisis gay people are responsible for is the failure of several banks in the US. Why didn’t every bank that dealt with LGBT people fail? Well don’t ask those kinds of questions that’s why. Good odds every one of those banks had dealings with religious groups as well. Coincidence? Yes. Yes it is. Just like there are thousands of LGBT organizations doing business in the US, there are even more religious organizations. Lots of banks do business with both, lots of banks fail, lots of banks are doing just fine. They’ll make a conspiracy out of anything these days.

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