Trump Is Without Sin Apparently 642

Shane Vaughn, believer in Trump the messiah, says he doesn’t care if Trump did commit adultery- but also he totally didn’t do it because who would you believe, a “successful businessman or a p**n star?” I think calling Trump a successful businessman is a huge stretch, but these people have never cared about the same reality the rest of us live in.

They certainly make a lot of noise about people committing the sin of existing while gay or trans, getting abortions (even though the bible is clearly pro-abortion), and wearing clothes that don’t match the current gender standards. Adultery though… super fine. Who cares? What is the big deal? Ignoring the fact the crime was not sleeping with a woman he wasn’t married to, but paying her hush money from his campaign funds. The mental gymnastics of the people who still support Trump are just too ridiculous to follow.

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