“Banning Books Is Fascism!” – 2021 Republican 596

I came across a clip from Glenn Beck recently where he accused the left of banning books, though they weren’t, and says that book banning is fascism. This was all the way from 2021, before the current wave of book banning took place, so naturally, the clip came back to bite him.

He goes on a rant about how choosing to stop printing Dr Seuss books from the mid nineties was awful and the downfall of democracy. Now in 2023 the people ACTUALLY banning books are the same Republicans he was calling to action 2 years ago. They never really cared about free speech. Their goal was to get people angry that their racism was being curbed in the most minor way. Now the same people are happily fully banning book in Florida schools because they promote the left’s ideas of tolerance and love.

This is so transparent it’s sad. Too bad for him I have a great memory for what these people have said in the past. It was all too easy to pull up Glenn Beck’s rant against censorship in this new era of Republican censorship.

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