Kari Lake Talks About Trump Arrest 668

Kari Lake is a conservative former politician turned media figure. She believes strongly in election conspiracies and says she would have won if her REPUBLICAN opponent hadn’t cheated. That should give you an idea of just how much she follows and believes Trump. She was not happy about his arrest and had quite a bit to say. It’s another conspiracy to take out political opponents just like Russia does. Except if it was like Russia Trump would not have been left out of prison this long, no grand jury would have been involved, and Trump wouldn’t have been able to hold a press conference right after his arrest.

Where was all of this “you can’t prosecute your political opponents,” rhetoric when Trump was yelling about arresting Hillary? The right would never do something hypocritical though! By the end of this video we somehow manage to hit anti-trans rhetoric. What does any of this have to do with trans people? They don’t even try to explain that. They cherry pick a joke tweet and try to cancel the whole left for it. They’re of course anti-canceling and anti-joke policing. More examples of their firm lack of hypocrisy.

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