Kenneth Copeland: Taking Out Loans Is A Sin? | Law Of Prosperity | Part 8 479

Kenneth teaches us that loans are bad. What we should do instead- if we have a need for money so desperate we’re willing to borrow it at a likely insane interest rate- is, say it with me, give him all of our money.

Perhaps at this point you’re sensing a theme in this book. I had no idea when I started that every chapter would just be a new reason to give him your money. It’s honestly a little impressive at this point. He should have run out of content so many chapters ago but he just keeps going.

Not only are loans bad, they are a sign that you don’t trust god which is a sin. Because you’re depending on a worldly system of finance instead of a spiritual one, you can never be in control of your money. Since we all operate on a worldly system of finance and we have no evidence of let alone control over the “spiritual” realm, I’m not sure how Kenneth manages to make this particular leap in logic. Somehow he manages to convince people to give him their worldly money which he then spends on worldly possessions. I just can’t understand how this guy runs such a successful scam and how he has for so so many years.

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