Kenneth Copeland Explains Why The Bible Is Wrong About Being Rich | Law Of Prosperity | Part 9 634

This is part 9 of our read through of Kenneth Copeland’s book Prosperity. In this part Kenneth explains why the bible is wrong about being rich. Anyone who has read or even heard the bible quoted will know it says rich people suck and poor people rule and no rich dude is going to be able to get into heaven. Well Kenneth thinks the bible DOESN’T actually say that.

He kind of just hand waves away the verse about it being easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. He references another verse and then says this contradicts that so it doesn’t count. Then he carries on like he just made a point. I think his strategy for convincing people at this point in the book is just to be as confusing as possible and continue writing as though you’ve given some kind of reasoning even when you haven’t.

Kenneth is very good at sounding like he knows something and is imparting wisdom without actually saying anything of substance. I think that’s his real talent and what allows him to continue to get away with this con after so many years.

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