Fox Settles Lawsuit – Mike Lindell Panics 685

Fox recently settled their lawsuit with Dominion over the ludacris claims Fox News anchors spread about their voting machines. Mike “My Pillow” Lindell is in a bit of a panic after this settlement since he is in his own lawsuit with Dominion which has not been settled. We take a look at how he’s doing.

We also discuss reparations in the US and why someone who just moved here should want to let their tax dollars go to it. Should we give every black person in America cash? What about first gen black immigrants? How would we even do it? I answer all of those questions and give my opinion on the possible options.

And we read an email from someone who thinks the left has cults. Anyone who says “trust the science” is in one. I give my response to that email as well and explain why we aren’t in a giant cult. I’ve yet to find something comparable on the left to the q movement on the right. If you think of something better than “those people who told anti maskers they were wrong all the time” then let me know in the comments.

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