Greg Locke And Steven Anderson Are Feuding (And I Love It) 1,463

Greg Locke and Steven Anderson are feuding. Well Steven Anderson talks about Greg a lot more often than Greg talks about Steve, but it’s hilarious either way. I LOVE the infighting among religious extremists, or any extremists. It only helps the moderates.

Why are they fighting? Well Steve thinks Greg is a big shill, which is fair, and a LIBERAL, which isn’t. He says Greg Locke started out pretty normal, started repeating republican talking points, and now is doing this “deliverance” nonsense. I agree with him on most of his points, which is something I never thought I would say about that pastor.

In this video we listen to Steven explain Greg’s faults in his own words. We also take a look at some clips of Greg to see if Steven is on to anything here. For the first time ever… he just might be. One thing I can say for sure; deliverance is a scam and also happens to be Greg’s newest claim to fame.

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