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God’s Not Dead is a horrible Christian propaganda movie that got way more hype than it deserved when it was released in 2014. So much hype that they made a billion more. Today we take a look at the movie that started it all. The company that owns God’s Not Dead seems to not be fans of commentary and review, since every video I made on this movie was instantly claimed, but we’re going to power through anyway. Spoilers ahead.

God’s Not Dead is a movie about an evil “atheist” “philosophy” “professor” who DEMANDS every student sign a contract saying “god is dead” in order to advance in his class. His reasoning is if they all agree up front, he can skip that entire debate and move on to the cool stuff. Terrible teacher, terrible atheist, terrible person. Our hero of the story, Josh, refuses to sign and instead agrees to debate the professor on the existence of god. For no reason, the entire class is fine with their time and money being wasted on this weird aside.

Everyone on campus finds out, including our hero’s terrible girlfriend. She says he MUST sign the paper or he won’t get into law school! He kind of waves her off until they have a big confrontation when she realizes he didn’t give up on the debate. During that conflict he finally leaves her, as he should. He makes terrible arguments, the professor does the lamest job ever debunking them, and it all culminates in Josh tricking the professor into admitting he HATES god! Then Josh says “But how can you hate someone who isn’t real,” and drops his mic. Easily. Exhibit a: Voldemort. Exhibit b: Sauron. Exhibit c: Scar. I rest my case.

Fast forward and now we’re at a news boys concert. All of the side character meet up there including the evil professor’s ex girlfriend/student, because he sucks you see. The prof decides to go to the concert to win her back, but wouldn’t you know it… he’s hit by a car! Then these two pastors coerce him in his final moments into accepting Jesus, instead of offering any medical assistance. Which would probably keep me living on pure anger for a while if I were in the prof’s shoes. He doesn’t get angry though, he’s suddenly at peace. Cut back to the concert playing triumphant music as though something wonderful has happened, cue every character dancing and smiling. Then the band instructs the audience to text everyone “god’s not dead” in honor of our hero’s success, which they know about somehow.

It’s a truly horrid movie. The arguments can be debunked by any knowledgeable 5th grader. It’s purpose isn’t to convert anyone, but to convince those already in the religion of their superiority. Why did I go through this? Well because you guys insisted. And we’re going to do the rest of them too. So you better keep watching and hit subscribe.

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