Trump Pastor’s “Prophecies” Aren’t Holding Up Well 849

Johnny Enlow is a very popular pastor in the Trump cult. He’s made a lot of prophecies over the years that no one seems to bring up anymore. Probably because they all failed spectacularly. Well today I’m going to take a look at some of his past predictions and make sure everyone knows exactly how wrong he was.

Johnny has a nifty trick for getting out of trouble. He doesn’t claim to be a prophet. Other people may happen to call him that, introduce him as that, and he never ever corrects them. HE doesn’t introduce himself that way though. So does he really need to be held to the same standard? Yes. Yes he does. If people are misidentifying you, you correct them. If you don’t correct them, that is an implicit admission you identify that way. Especially when it happens over and over AND you’re spewing prophecy left and right!

It isn’t like Enlow says things and people misinterpret them as prophecy. He specifically says “God sent me this vision.” Not using the word “prophet” doesn’t remove accountability. Johnny thinks it does. He openly says he avoids the word specifically so he does not get in trouble. We take a look at that clip as well. Overall, this video is hilarious. Nothing funnier than someone being so confidently incorrect, except someone claiming to have direct knowledge from God himself doing it.

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