Steven Crowder Hits Back At Candace Owens, And Then Covers Tucker Carlson Firing 829

Steven Crowder was recently offered a $50 million USD contract with The Daily Wire. He not only refused the contract but also went on a big tirade about how awful The Daily Wire was. The drama was massive and everyone was covering it for a long time. The drama has died down almost completely at this point, but Steven will not let it go. He made this video addressing the “controversy” surrounding him. He said he’s had a “boot on (his) neck” for months.

Steven opens up by talking about his divorce. He heavily implies that his wife shouldn’t have been allowed to divorce him. He said his beliefs on family and parenting have remained the same. The divorce definitely IS NOT his kids fault. Why does he bring that up? I have no idea. No one mentioned his children or them being responsible. Some of them are literal babies.

Why is Steven discussing his divorce at all? Because Candice Owens allegedly told him that if he didn’t back off his crusade against The Daily Wire she would share his dirty secrets. He would like everyone to believe his divorce is the “dirty secrets” in question. He notes what a dirty awful thing this is for Candice to do. Which it is, but it’s also pretty dirty to attack someone’s network for no reason and try to turn their viewers and employees against them.

So who is in the right here? The Daily Wire. It’s still always fun to watch the internal fighting among the far right media.

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